The Graveyard Shift
The Graveyard Shift is an thesis film directed and produced by Lara Arikan at Ringling College of Art and Design. 
Lara Arikan's graduating thesis project is a 2 minute short animation called "The Graveyard Shift".  On this project she alone was responsible for concept development, story boarding, character, prop and set designs, visual development, modeling, texturing, ringing and animation of assets, layout, lighting, compositing, rendering and editing.
The sound was created by composer Ben Bromfield and sound designer Zack Harvey.
The Graveyard Shift is about a waitress working the midnight shift at a coffee shop  when she gets cornered by a terrifying zombie and quickly realizes that violence is not always the answer.

     Created using Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter by Allegorithmic, Pixellogic's Zbrush, Adobe Premier and Photoshop and Flix by The Foundry.

Lighting/Texturing/Render schedule sheet.
Animation progress tracking and notes. Orginal template by Carla Lutz.
Thesis asset tracking sheet. Original template by Carla Lutz.
Lighting and compositing progress and notes.  Original template by Carla Lutz.
Render planning, tracking sheet. Original template by Ringling IT department.
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